Notes for our last concert
Felix Mendelssohn's ELIJAH

This Spring we are turning to one of the Victorian era’s greatest composers – Felix Mendelssohn. Along with others who rank among the “greats” (notably Schubert and Mozart), he stands as one of the great musical “what ifs?” – that is, what might his output have been like had he survived longer than his tragically short 38 years? “Elijah” is one of his crowning glories, first performed in 1846, just a year before that untimely death. The Biblical texts are full of drama – there’s drought, menace, sacrifice, fire from heaven, and relief – and that’s just in the first part. Mendelssohn provides first class music with wonderful tunes throughout – most famously, perhaps, for “Lift thine eyes” and “O rest in the Lord” – but there is much, much more besides.
We hope you’ll enjoy it!